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Music and Activism


Music is a form of creative (self-)expression through sound which triggers emotional and physical responses from sides of both the performer and the audience/recipient.

Activism is a form of work geared toward change of particular issues of injustices apparent in society (globally or locally).

Unaware musicians (artists) might indirectly or directly support things they don’t actually want to support by not engaging with actual matters around social justice and prevalent issues at the time of their career.

Activism in its most pure form e.g. protest, seminars, public engagement etc. often appears threatening or annoying to people not yet familiar with the culture. In my personal experience musicians tend to be part of this group.

How does one „pop the bubble“ in a way that doesn’t scare people of but engages them? This applies especially to the more privileged groups in society but also to those that are oppressed but unaware or caught in the “treadmill” of everyday life.

Authenticity in activist aspiration: Why am I doing this? Do I really want to change circumstances or just feel or look better doing it? => what “hits home” most should be tackled first in order to develop a sincere interest in change and a stronger empathy with struggles less directly connected to the self.

Can one transform a regular music performance into an act of activism?
What are the tools to be used to do so?
What are historic examples? What was the tangible outcome of those?

Are performance and critical commentary enough to be done from sides of the performing artist?


Time to explore this more deeply…


The soundtrack to this train of thoughts:

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